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Re: [IP] Why is her cleavage beeping?

> Here in my rush to get to church on time, I had forgotten to check
> the reservoir.  I was OUT.    So I suspended it and waited the 45
> minutes till we got home to change it.
> BUT twice during the service a strange beeping noise came from the
> slightly plump pregnant lady's chest area.

You don't want to do this on a regular basis, but you can quickly 
disconnect the leur lock, draw some air into the syringe, put the 
syringe back, disconnect your set, bolus 5 units to tighten the drive 
arms and hook back up. 

In the 42" line there is 20+ units of insulin (half that amount in 
the short line). It will hold you for a few hours 'til you can get 
home and fill up. Lily occasionally runs out on day 4 of her set 
rotation schedule and has had to do this twice at school in the last 
couple of years.

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