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Re: [IP] Disetronic vs. Minimed - batteries

HI eveyone,

Just thought I would add something about the Disetronic Pump.  I am staying
neutral on the subject of which pump is best because I don't think you can go
wrong wtih either pump.   In our case we have gotten wonderful service out of
Disetronic so I have no complaints.    I think both Disetronic and Minimed are
good,  quality companies but the rep can either make or break a sale depending
on how well they do their job.  

I noticed on an earlier posting that having to purchase your batteries from
Disetronic was listed as a con.  For us this is the case.  It our situation it
has proved to be a plus because now our insurance is picking up the tab on the
batteries because they are speficically made for the Disetronic pump.    Where
as if we had the Minimed the batteries would "be on us."  Since we are
ordering pump supplies anyway it is no more trouble to order batteries along
with the supplies and let insurance pay the tab.   

Just another point of view . . .


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