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[IP] Why is her cleavage beeping?

I was at church yesterday and during the solo my pump went off!

I am 31 weeks pregnant and for some reason even the maternity dress I was=
 wearing was tight, so I have to attach my pump to my bra.

I look at my husband and say "do I dig for it?"  He shrugs and I take the=
 plug for my beeping pal, in the sixth row of the church.  :-)   It has =
a no delivery alarm reading.  So I put it back in place and leave for the=
 ladies room to investigate.

Here in my rush to get to church on time, I had forgotten to check the =
reservoir.  I was OUT.    So I suspended it and waited the 45 minutes til=
l we got home to change it.

BUT twice during the service a strange beeping noise came from the slight=
ly plump pregnant lady's chest area.

Nothing like a little excitement!  My sugar was 155.  I felt pretty good =
about that number, considering the hour without insulin.  Turned out to =
be a pretty good sermon.  Glad we stayed.  :-)

Lesson Learned,

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