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Re: [IP] Question

In a message dated 10/12/98 1:05:23 PM Mountain Daylight Time, email @ redacted

<< Hi all.. how about 2 more questions? LOL
  1) If I am suspended from the pump say 2 hours... Would that show up
 like 2-4 hours later because of missing those Basla drops? OR would it
 show much sooner?  >>

With Humalog, I would expect your bg to start rising much sooner than 2 hours,
although, it may continue to rise for 2 hours.  Your bg will probably begin to
rise within a half hour.
 2) Peanut Butter.. Is it possible peanut butter with a meal is the
 perfect canidate for the DUAL WAVE feature on my 507C??  Like Bolus for
 the 'other' carbs normal and square off the Peanut Butter carbs???

Yep, you got it!  The dual wave is great for meals with a combination of fat
and quicker carbs.  Wish I had it....
   Trying to get a feel for my stuff... ALSO
 My insulin "humalog" may be dying after 2-2.5 days....   I figured I
 could 'change' insulin and keep Infusion site for another day. I mean
 only fill Resavoir for 2 days at a time... Change then every 2 days and
 the actual infusion set every 3..  Anyone see a problem with that
 solution?? >>

Actually, several people have reported that it isn't the insulin in the
reservoir that "quits", its that the site stops absorbing the insulin.  I know
you are new to pumping, but at some point, you might want to try mixing a
small amount of Regular or Velosulin with the Humalog. Several list members
have solved the site-loss problem by doing this.  It doesn't work for
everybody, though.  And some people are just lucky and can use Humalog
"straight up" with no problems.  This is a YMMV issue, I just wanted to let
you know what some options might be.
Mary Jean

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