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[IP] Hey Canadian pumpers

Saw the posts about the prescription charges for insulin and here's my 0.02

I've never been charged a dispensing fee for insulin (in Toronto). However I
have seen a pretty good difference in insulin prices around town. Where I
work (mid-town Toronto) there are two pharmacies that I pick up insulin at.
They are less than a one minute walk apart and charge nearly $2 different
for a vial of Humalog. Neither pharmacy has more than 2 vials on hand at any
one time, which I find to be a real pain since I like to keep a surplus on
hand just in case. The lowest cost insulin that I have found (usually a
couple bucks cheaper than the lowest chain) is at Hy & Zels (a discount
store that has a remarkably good diabetics section). Unfortunately H&Z is
less convenient to get to.

Another Canadian oddity, that I have to admit really surprised me, is that
Shoppers Drug Mart (largest central Canadian chain for non-Canucks) no
longer keeps syringes behind the counter - they are out on the main shelves.
Is it just me or does this seem rather reckless considering that syringes
can be used for many other things than just insulin?

End of rant.

Dave Zakayr

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/