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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #572

Ruth Ann Johnson,
Your recent story about the pump & being at work sounds so familiar. I'm a
nurse in a busy PACU . I'm  42yrs old, been Diabetic doing MDI since I was 9
yrs old and now have been pumping  for the last 3 months. I agree, this was
the best decision  that I ever made for myself. Those meal breaks just aren't
always possible at work  but are no longer the major worry for me or my great
co-worker friends that they used to be when we just can't stop to eat. The
lows have become practically non-existant but with still  great control. The
guilt & stress is not missed. What type of nursing are you in ???             
                       Deb Patriarca RN , CCRN, CPAN but most of all happy
pump user !    

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