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Re: [IP] Disetronic vs. Minimed - Users input needed please!!

               I was in the same position as you are a couple of months
ago. I did the so much research on both pumps that I thought I was going
to go crazy. It is a big decision because you will be depending on this
machine to help make life better for yourself and you want the best
product to do this for you. I am not "officially" hooked up as of today
but I will be on Nov.5/98. The pump I chose was the Minimed 507C. The
service that I received from the company was and is excellent. They sent
me the pump after I ordered it. I read all of the manuals and watched
the video and basically taught myself how to use it. It is a peice of
cake. I bought some saline solution and hooked the pump up and practised
using it for a couple of days. I am just waiting to use insulin for the
real thing.
I really like the minimed 507C. It looks "attractive" and it's the size
of a pager. The "clicking" sound that you hear during insulin delivery
is hardly noticeable. My husband didn't hear a thing and he was
practially sitting on my knee. Trust me - no one will even blink when
the insulin delivery is done.
           I called the Disetronic company and in my opinion it stunk!!!
I would ask the "rep." questions - she would put me on hold to find out
the answer. She did this about six times. One time I was put on hold for
4 minutes. That really turned me away from the disetronic pump. There is
a lady here in town who uses a disetronic pump and she said she won't be
dealing with them again. The reason for this is after 6-7 years you have
to buy a new pump. When you send your pump in to be inspected, the pump
that you get back is not necessarily the one you sent in. It could be
someone elses to whom was having their pump inspected. There is no
guaranty that the pump will be yours. To me, that really is not the way
it should be. Also, she was having problems with getting straight
answere from the company about products etc. She is going to invest in a
Minimed 507C very soon.
            I think which ever pump you decide on will be right for you.
Both companies have pros and cons. I can't speak too much about the
disetronic pump because I have not actually used it. There are people
here that use disetronic and are very pleased with their decision. This
is just one persons opinion. Everyone on the pumpers list are of great
help. With their experience using the pump, they can answer just about
any question you can throw at them. They have helped me out a great
deal. Like I said before this is MY opinion. Your decision is the main
one. GOOD LUCK!!! Let us know what you decide.

Stacey Phillips

trifona wrote:

>  I've just confirmed that my insurance will pay 100% for the price of
> the pump itself...YES!
> However, they also told me that they will pay ZERO for the infusion
> sets.  I was really pissed at this, but after putting in a call into
> Minimed Sales, they told that that is most likely a mistake.  Anyone
> else have this problem?
> In any event, with the biggest hurdle down, the big question is WHICH
> PUMP??
> I've spent COUNTLESS hours searching over Dejanews reading the
> relavent comparison posts,  watching both videos, reading company
> material, etc. YET i still cannot decide.  It seems like the Htron
> Plus looks to be the better technology ( + 2 pumps), however the
> minimed seems to be the most discrete and has the accompanying
> accesories to make life easier like the computer connection, waist
> thing, and more discrete cases.
> I know MOST people have decided on the minimed, those that did why?
> same for those on the disetronic as well please.
> Ive made a small table comparing them both, i would appreciate any
> comments from users as to the validity of the positives & negatives on
> my list.  Thanks for any input!
> Disetronic Pros
>    *  2 Pumps! - great for travelling
>    *  Sounds like it is more durable
>    *  Waterproof  without additional case
>    *   Delivers insulin every 3 minutes
>    *  auto priming  not sure how this works
>    *  display tells you how much insulin is left
>    *  No PVCs in infusion sets
> Disetronic Cons
>    *  Looks like out of Star Trek
>    *  Seems TOO easy to accidentally bolus by hitting the h or m
>      buttons w/o a confirmation
>    *  Must set programming to accept EITHER .5 or .1 units
>    *  Batteries need to be reordered by mail
> MiniMed Pros
>    *  Beeper like appearance
>    *  Square Wave Bolus  (How useful really?)
>    *  Wealth of accessories (clips, cases, etc)
>    *  U.S. market lead
>    *  Standard batteries
>    *  backlight
> MiniMed Cons
>    *  Less durable?
>    *  Not waterproof w/o bulky case
>    *  Delivers insulin very slowly
>    *  Noisy clicking motor

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