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As a "bare minimum", a Type 1should check before every meal. It is the
*only* way to determine how much insulin to give. This would be logical for
pumpers and injectors alike. Anything else is just a guess. This is
accepted medical fact.

Doing some "quick and simple math" here:

     3 Meals per day (average for a young child)
     Times 2 days
     Equals 6 meals over a 48 hour period

Using this math, Spencer would seem to need at least 6 BG checks during his
visitation. Either he didn't eat 6 meals (possible), or he didn't check
before each meal (likely). Either situation does not seem right. The
frequency of checking might even need to be higher than this if Spencer
were active or eating more or less than normal.

I would have to ask the question of your Ex: "If you don't work with
Spencer to check his blood sugar, how do you know what level it is? How do
you decide the appropriate parental care to give him? Based on the simple
fact that a blood sugar check is the only way to determine the appropriate
course of action for Spencer, what level of care are you giving him during
his visit? Are you caring for him during his visit?"

I'm sure you already know what the answers to these questions will be. You
might want to write them down for future reference.

>Spencer is NOT the one with the problem about testing his blood, its my
>EX husband.  At his last visit he only test 3 times in a 48 hour period.
Lisa - best of luck to you and Spencer :-) We're here, yell when you need us.

Bob Burnett

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