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Re: [IP] only me...

On  8 Oct 98 at 9:48, Joseph Diffee wrote:

> Okay...ready for this...For those of you that know I recently (last
> week) got the job in a local elementary school as a counselor.  I walked
> out yesterday!!!!  The principal was a NUT!  She ripped my phone out of
> the wall, tore my poster off the door, told me who I could and couldn't
> talk to, WHEN I COULD EAT LUNCH!!!!  The last being in caps because that
> is a ADA issue.  I hate to use my diabetes, as this disscussion has been
> brought up before, BUT this woman is a NUTCASE!  We all know I have the
> pump and I could skip lunch if  I wanted but it is just the whole idea
> of  her...evilness (for lack of better words)!!!  My director (or use to
> be) wants me to file claim with the superintendant?!?!?  My name has now
> been blackballed and well...I'm rather pissed!!  I have decided to stay
> out of this school system now but the whole idea that this principal is
> still working in that school or any school is BEYOND me!!!!!!! 

Follow you're director's advice and file a claim now.  There is a good chance 
you could be saving a student's life...  

Randall P. Winchester
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