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Re: [IP] Article for Lisa

Hi Everyone,

I am curious now about how often we should be checking Laura's Blood sugar
levels.  We average 4 -5 times a day - breakfast, lunch, after school, dinner,
bedtime and in the middle of the night if she is having any problems.  I won't
say Laura's numbers are great but her last A1C was 7.0 which is decent for a
child her age.  

We try to walk a fine line here - how often do you check before you risk
'burning your child out'  versus not enouch checks to keep good control.  Does
this make sense?   For us we seem to have happily settled on 4 -  5 checks a
day and carb counting.     We try to look at this long term and how she will
have the best compliance and diabetes management skills for the future.   We
also stress to her that YES she can have a normal life just like anyone else
but first and above all in order to have a normal life she has to manage her
diabetes properly.    On occasion,  she gets tired of checking and I
understand that so she just sticks out her finger and we do it for her.  Lisa,
as a fellow mother of a diabetic I understand your feelings - it is tough!
This is probably the hardest hard I have ever been dealt as a parent.  My
father is a diabetic and I will NEVER forget just how devastated I felt when
Laura was first diagnosed - I just though to myself "I grew up the child of a
diabetic there is NO WAY i can parent a diabetic child".  However, a year
later we have certainly had our shares of ups  and downs along the way but our
entire family has grown immensely out of this experience. . .

Lisa, I tried to find some articles that reinforced that and couldn't find
mentioned anything other than 4+ per day.   Interestingly enough my dad checks
7 - 10 times a day and sometimes I can tell he thinks we should be checking
Laura more than we do.  He has had diabetes 38 years now - his A1C is in the 5
range always and has NO Diabetes complications at 68 years of age so he is a
walking testament that good blood sugar control does make a difference.   What
we are doing is probably not enough for super good control but hopefully it
will be enough to keep the BS levels in good range without buring her out.  

I am curious  why we should check AFTER meals?   This has never been mentioned
to me by our pedi endo.

Lisa, keep up the good work - you are doing a terrific job!    Spencer is
lucky to have a mom who is a diligent and caring as you are with him.   

Sherri Lynn

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