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Re: [IP] Articles

Bonnie Richardson
COLSA, 256.922.1512, x1805

>>> Dan & Lisa Diener <email @ redacted> 10/12 9:22 AM >>>
Spencer is NOT the one with the problem about testing his blood, its my
EX husband.  At his last visit he only test 3 times in a 48 hour period.<<<=

Having been there and done that, the "ex-husband and kids thing"  I =
remember how long it took me to realize that the problem was really me and =
my feelings about the ex-butt hea- ., opps! I mean ex husband.  While I =
never told them he was a bad person, I was amazed that my kids survived =
all the stupid (in my opinion) things he did, like what he fed my kids, =
gave my kids, and let my kids get away with.  In time they learned that he =
definitely did not know best.  I know God will get me for this, but the =
best sound I ever heard was when they told me, "You know, Mom, Dad's kind =
of a jerk".   While I am not down playing Spencer's health, I am saying =
you got to let some things go. =20

One of the things that helped me was a very old prayer - God help me =
change the things I can, Accept the things I can't change, and the wisdom =
to know the difference.   =20
I hope you will take this in the loving spirit I intended it. =20

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