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Re: [IP] Question

Hi Scott,=20
I just went through a major frustrating period when I was down about not =
being able to keep my bg under 200 for a week....everyone was very =
helpful.  I still get ticked off when I have one of those "unaccounted =
for" high bgs, but get even more ticked off when it is because of =
something careless on my part.   You know, sometimes, when I eat out, even =
when I eat healthy and small portions, I will have a shock in three or =
four hours to find bgs at 250 or up.  I believe that restaurant food =
contains a great deal more fat that they let us believe.  After all fat =
and sugar are the things that make food taste so good......
Even a salad or soup can raise my bgs "unreasonably".  The most important =
thing I have learned is that ALWAYS check my bgs several times after =
eating out at a restaurant.   At least with humolog, it is a fast fix when =
it is high.   Don't stress out over it, just keep on plugging along one =
day at a time.

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