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Re: [IP] Why velosulin and not regular?

I'm in Ottawa, Ontario and have been charged dispensing fees in various Ontario
cities in the past when I used to purchase insulin on prescription. In fact it
was an ethical pharmacist who told me 10 or so years ago that I didn't need a
prescription for my old regular and ultralente insulins, and that I should buy
it that way so long as my medical insurers would still subsidize it (which they

I currently purchase my Humalog insulin without a prescription at the pharmacy
in a Zeller's store (dear knows how many club Z points I've gathered over the
years for the purchase of diabetes supplies!). The pharmacist told me that the
prescription price for Humalog is actually a littlle less than the
non-prescription price - so if I bought enough of it at one time to offset the
prescription fee (applied once to the total Humalog purchase regardless of the
number of vials), it actually would be cheaper to buy it on prescription here...

How's that for a bizarre way to run a business!

Janine Shea wrote:

> A prescription is required in BC, or at least at my Shopper's Drug Mart,
> who wouldn't sell Humalog to me without one.
> The cost with or without a prescription for insulin has always been the
> same for me, since I have *never* had a pharmacy charge a dispensing fee
> for any diabetes related supplies.  I asked once and was told that it was
> considered to be unethical to charge for diabetes supplies since they are
> essential.  I don't know how that works but it seems widespread here, since
> I have used many pharmacies/drug stores/super markets across the province
> over the last 19 years.
> So YMMV strikes again...
> Janine
> type 1, 19 years
> pump, almost 14 years
> Celia McInnis wrote:
> >No prescription is required for Humulog in Canada. It is cheaper to buy the
> >insulin without a prescription since then one doesn't have to pay the
> >pharmacist
> >fee (which might be as high as $10). Drug plans here have no problem with
> >whichever way we buy it - mine pays 80% of my cost (including any
> >pharmacist fees
> >incurred).
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