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Re: [IP] Why velosulin and not regular?

At 07:26 PM 10/11/98 -0400, Michael or Shelby Strong wrote:

>material, but why do most pumpers use velosulin by itself instead of
>regular?  I am just switching from humalog to velosulin, and I have used
>regular a few times when I have been out of state and didn't have a
>prescription for humalog.

I've used "regular" Regular and it works fine for me. Technically,
Velosulin is the only insulin approved by the FDA for use in the pump. I
think you'll find that not many folks worry too much about that, and use
whatever insulin is available, and / or cheapest. Many pumpers probably
started on Velosulin because it had always been the insulin recommended by
their health care teams. That's changed markedly, with many doctors now
prescribing Humalog for pump use, though it's not yet been approved by the
FDA for pump use.
>This reminds me of another question.  Why is a prescription required for
>humalog and not for the other insulins?  Also, is a prescription required in
>all states?

Humalog's action is so much different than Regular. It's much quicker (for
most), and also affects the speed of action of other insulins taken with
it. Requiring a prescription implies that it is being administered with the
full knowledge and advice of the physician. This requirement may also be
due to the fact that it's still so new. Some drugs, after a period of
demonstrated safe use, no longer require a prescription.

To my knowledge, a prescription is required in all states for Humalog. I'm
not sure of the rules in Canada or other nations, though.

Bob Burnett

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