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Re: [IP] Humalog.... for me, not as fast as they say it is!

This is very similar to the way Kayla responds to Humalog.  I figure a 5
hour duration for her with a peak around 3 hours.  What I can't seem to
fine-tune is her 2 hour post-prandial, which will usually be over 350. 
Yikes!  But within 5 hours she will be back to her target range.  Any
correction within that 5 hours will cause her to go low.  There seem to
be a number of people that have late responses to Humalog.  But at least
with Kayla, the Humalog is constant in its response time; Regular was
always a crap shoot.


Delaine wrote:
> This is what I observe, time and time again..... thought you might
> find this interesting.
> 86 mg/dl fasting & stable pre test.  (ratio: 1unit/13grams)
> ingestion of 45 grams CHO / 3.4 units Humalog
> 156 mg/dl 1 hr after bolus
> 208 mg/dl 2 hr post prandial
> 199 mg/dl 2.5 hr pp
> 173 mg/dl 3 hr pp
> 141 mg/dl 4 hr pp
>  98 mg/dl 5 hr pp
>  93 mg/dl 5.5 hr pp
> ** it was then that I gave up the quest for science as I was hungry again!
> :)  Looks more like a Regular insulin profile, doesn't it?

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