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Re: [IP] Why velosulin and not regular?

Michael and Shelby Strong wrote:
> I have learned a lot from this list about the different kinds of insulin,
> especially about mixing Humalog and Velosulin.  I know that velosulin has to
> be used to mix with humalog because they both use the same buffering
> material, but why do most pumpers use velosulin by itself instead of
> regular?  

As I understand it, the buffering agent doesn't matter anymore since the
infusion tubing was improved some years ago. I used Velosulin when I first got
my pump in late '93, butsoon went back to using Lily R and didn't find any
difference. I now mix R and Humalog as a normal procedure with no problems.

> This reminds me of another question.  Why is a prescription required for
> humalog and not for the other insulins? 

FDA requirement for a new drug with a much faster action than the older R.
They want to be sure doctors understand the difference, so they make it 
their responsibilty to prescribe it in writing, which tends to get their
attention. Should be relaxed to non-prescription status after a few years.

 Also, is a prescription required in
> all states?

It's a Federal (FDA) requirement so the states can't rule otherwise.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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