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[IP] Humalog.... for me, not as fast as they say it is!

     I think I've said this before, but I would give anything(!) to have Humalog
work for me the way it is "suppose to"..... in fact, I had an in-depth
conversation with the Lilly rep at work Friday about this very thing.  I
have tested my body's response to a Humalog bolus AND a typical carb load by
ingesting 45 grams of CHO (standard lunchtime meal) & profiling resultant BS
levels.  This is what I observe, time and time again..... thought you might
find this interesting.

86 mg/dl fasting & stable pre test.  (ratio: 1unit/13grams)
ingestion of 45 grams CHO / 3.4 units Humalog
156 mg/dl 1 hr after bolus
208 mg/dl 2 hr post prandial
199 mg/dl 2.5 hr pp
173 mg/dl 3 hr pp
141 mg/dl 4 hr pp
 98 mg/dl 5 hr pp
 93 mg/dl 5.5 hr pp

** it was then that I gave up the quest for science as I was hungry again!
:)  Looks more like a Regular insulin profile, doesn't it?  Anyway, you can
see that if I had made the decision to bolus a correction at the 2 hr pp
check, I would have crashed a number of hours later.  As a result of knowing
this delayed response of Humalog for me, I generally do my post prandial
checks 3hrs post, and do not correct for anything under 190.  I am also
experimenting with taking a portion of the required meal bolus early....
although, for obvious reasons, I am quite careful about doing this.  Takes
away some of the spontaneity and flexibility of using Humalog! But... does
prove for me the theory of YMMV!!  :)  I am not insulin resistant, and in
fact, have more than halved the total amount of insulin that I was on
pre-pump.  I should also say that despite the temporary elevations in post
prandials, I have attained A1C's in the 6's since the pump... something I
was never able to do on MDI.  For this reason, as well as countless others,
I would never give up my pump!!  *huge grin*   Anyway, just a Humalog FYI.
Happy pumping to all!!

Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE
MM 507 Humalog - 11/97; Type 1 since '83

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/