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[IP] How low can you go?

Not only have I gone low with few if any symptoms - I can walk and talk
and carry on with a BG of 35- particularly if my mind is concentrating
on something.  After 33 years of hypoglycemic reactions (so frequent
that I've been up testing  every 2 hours at night for the 3 months since
brain surgery) my protocol is this:  if something's not right, check my
blood sugar- this includes the full range of the emotions - sloppy
sentimental ?  I check (it's been low) irritated (yup) depressed (sure)
and yawning and exhaustion , spaced out- not to mention shakes and
sweats and God knows what I'm leaving out. It manifests differently with
me in so many ways, so many times that I've decided not to have them
anymore (hee hee).

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