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Re: [IP]hypo signs

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Tonya: Well I guess I'm up there with you and the rest of the unemployed.. I
came back from my vacation only to know my position was no longer required
after 17 years with this company and three years to retirement..so I went on
the pump week later..put my house up for sale and I'm ready to get on with
life.. I would if I were you in placing my complaint.. you don't get
anywhere keeping your information to yourself..share it..
I was in hospital one time when a nurse woke a mentally challenged lady to
give her some liquid medication.. the lady drop it from her hand and spilled
the medication on the bed.. the nurse up and smacked her across the face.. I
couldn't believe my eyes.. so I told her supervisor the next day.. I figured
this poor lady couldn't speak for herself , so I had.. the same with you..
your voice will be for the children under her care...let your conscience be
your guide..Pat

Things are going good with the pump.. still some fine tuning..but I'm afraid
I don't feel the low's coming.. and this frightens me.. I get a bit
nauseated and that's all..I'll have to watch for the yawns.. never noticed
that before..

Joseph Diffee wrote:

> Well...now that I am home A LOT - now that I have NO job (ha,ha)...I
> wanted to give my most common hypo. sign.  I yawn and yawn and
> yawn...and yawn!!!!!  I have never really heard anyone else ever mention
> such an unusual symptom.  Anyone else ever noticed this?   -Tonya D.
> * With all this extra time I have, I should pull up my next episode of
> my "Top10 Hypos", huh?
> * And thank you everyone for helping me with my decision on filing a
> claim, Monday I plan on getting the info. on how to do just that!!!
> Thanks!  :-)
> Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/