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[IP] Re: HMOs was: reply Hypo and hyper signs

I know that there are a lot of crapy HMOs in the US but I must tell you there
is one good one. The HMO we belong to was the only insurance we could get for
Megan. The rest of our dental office is in the PPO.

All of Megan's doctors were in the HMO. So we could continue getting the same
wonderful and caring health care we have had all along. When it came to
getting approved for the pump-it only took about 2-3 weeks.l have never seen a
bill for any pump supplies. They are sent when I need them. Megan was in the
hospital as most of you know in July and we were treated well. 

Just wanted ya'll to know that they aren't all bad. I have heard some horror
stories but I am glad not to be a part of them!!

Judy C.

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