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Re: [IP] reply Hypo and hyper signs


Actually I do feel I was dicriminated against.

Dr. Kanter my endo at Kaiser said to me, "Emily. pumps are expensive."  He
knows I work for a nonprofit environmental organization.  he also knew I
was a single woman.  What he did not realize is that I had the Kaiser A-1
health plan that DID cover the pump.  He also fought me when I wanted
Cozaar back in 1994 and told my nurse practicioner that the data was
inconclusive that it actually could help me. I was furious.

I asked him if he had ever heard of credit cards in the case that my plan
did not cover me?  He then lectured me on my attitude about my diabetes,
"changes happen and you need to accept that-- you have a disease".

At another point the idiot actually told me that pumps were good for
pregnant women and he was not swayed that it was great for most patients.

Then he told me that insulin is a "growth hormone" and if I wanted to
continue to get plump like a red tomatoe-- then the pump could do that for

The truth is they did not have the staff to handle pump patients.  I
lobbied and they got the staff alright, and I never saw him again.  It was
a nurse practictioner from that point on.  Can you believe I was in in a
major San Francisco HMO, with great coverage and from the time I got my
pump I was NEVER seen by a MD much less my ENDO!  It is OUTRAGEOUS!

The nutrionist he sent me to knew nothing of carb. counting and actually
told me I needed to start eating red meat again after almost twenty years
of my being vegitatrian.  They had no idea about veggie proteins.  I was so

No pump clinics, no information to read.  Just one poor, part-time
disempowerd nurse-- GOD bless her.

Then they made me sign a waiver.  Bascially it said that Kaiser owned the
pump-- not me, and if I changed plans I had to basically give it back.  I
am still waiting for them to 'come an get it'.  Tell you what if those
bastards get a clue and come knocking after 25 years of being a paying
Kaiser patient--  I am going to declare some serious war on the

In the meantime I am loving UCSF and my Kaiser paid for Pump.

Thanks, for the feedback! :)

>In a message dated 10/9/98 1:31:54 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
><< Wow! this conversation is blowing me away.  I am going to sound pathetic
> after you read this. >>
>No, we don't think you are pathetic.  While many of us have never experienced
>such severe hypos as you describe, others of us certainly have and have shared
>them with the group, just as you have.  We all understand how serious this is.
>Stories such as yours help all of us maintain focus, that keeping our bg as
>close to normal is crucial, thanks for sharing.
><< I believe HMO's have a responsibility to let patients of
>all creeds, race and socio-economic-geo- political backgrounds know what
>treatments are available to them. >>
>Do you feel that you were discriminated against because of one of these
>issues?  If so, you should definitely pursue it.  I am absolutely against HMOs
>dictating care for people who need specialized services, and hope that I am
>never in a position of having no other insurance options.  While an HMO may
>function fine for the person who only experiences occasional colds and
>hangnails, they are definitely not the answer for all of us.
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ReThinking Paper,
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