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Re: [IP] Fw: The Pump for Kids


I won't butden you or anyone else with negatives you don't want to hear. I like
my pump.  It is a much better treatment than shots.  But I know lots of the
problems the teenagers who lived with them for many years (some of whom quit
along the way) experience and experienced.  Those are some of the reasons
doctors are skeptical. I don't want to be the voice of doom and gloom, but I
think the reality check is important so if you want to know more you can ask.
Otherwise, I'll keep quiet this time around.  They are also skeptical b/c
diabetes care is traditionally directed at a low income, non compliant, poorly
educated audience and that audience would have a hard time using a pump without
lots and lots and lots of education and support which we don't provide in our


> ----------
> > From: DIANE MASSEY <email @ redacted>
> > To: email @ redacted
> > Subject: The Pump for Kids
> > Date: Friday, October 09, 1998 2:40 PM
> >
> > Mostly to Michael -
> >
> > Has there ever been any statistics compiled about the success rate of
> kids
> > on the pump?  I know that Lauren and I love it, despite some challenges
> > with the infusion and we have seen a drop in A1cs.  And I know that
> > everyone that I know whose kids have tried pumping stay with it
> (regardless
> > of age) and love it.  But it can't be universally successful.  do you
> know
> > what the failure rate is?  Unfortuantely, those who give up or don't like
> > it are not likely to subscribe to this list.  And we hear mostly from the
> > proponents.
> >
> > I am asking because (as with our story with Kids are Pumping) the
> > unqualified unhesitating encouragement from the pumping community was
> what
> > gave us the courage to try.... ( our doc was very open, but she was not
> the
> > motivating factor).  so I now offer the same encouragement to
> > others.....but sometimes I worry that maybe other parents have found it
> to
> > be oversold.  (altho I can't imagine it!)
> >
> > What is the true uinbiased picture of kids and pumping?  What do some
> docs
> > see that I don't?
> >
> > Diane Massey
> >
> >
> >
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