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[IP] Fw: The Pump for Kids

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> From: DIANE MASSEY <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: The Pump for Kids
> Date: Friday, October 09, 1998 2:40 PM
> Mostly to Michael -
> Has there ever been any statistics compiled about the success rate of
> on the pump?  I know that Lauren and I love it, despite some challenges
> with the infusion and we have seen a drop in A1cs.  And I know that
> everyone that I know whose kids have tried pumping stay with it
> of age) and love it.  But it can't be universally successful.  do you
> what the failure rate is?  Unfortuantely, those who give up or don't like
> it are not likely to subscribe to this list.  And we hear mostly from the
> proponents.
> I am asking because (as with our story with Kids are Pumping) the
> unqualified unhesitating encouragement from the pumping community was
> gave us the courage to try.... ( our doc was very open, but she was not
> motivating factor).  so I now offer the same encouragement to
> others.....but sometimes I worry that maybe other parents have found it
> be oversold.  (altho I can't imagine it!)
> What is the true uinbiased picture of kids and pumping?  What do some
> see that I don't?
> Diane Massey

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