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Re: [IP] reply Hypo and hyper signs

Wow! this conversation is blowing me away.  I am going to sound pathetic
after you read this.

My first low bg was in 1981, I was a young 12 year old swimmer.  I threw a
paramedic down the stairs.  I was then admitted to the ER where it took
them quite a long time to resurface me to reality.  I was admitted with a
bg of 35 I think.

The second time was on a ADA sponsored rafting trip with 5 other diabetic
athletes, I was 14.  I checked in walking and talking with a bg of 14

The third time was years later, and was the start of serious lowland
issues.  I was 23 and protesting to keep abortion clinics open in Cleveland
Ohio.  I was so enraged and had an argument with my boyfriend.  Two weeks
earlier I had felt like I was dreaming and calling for help and woke up
drenched in sweat.  I think my liver saved me that time by shooting
glucagon itself.

After a day of absolute outrage, I remember being in a dream like state.  I
awoke naked with 6 paramedics hanging over me.  It was the first time I had
gone unconscious in my sleep due to hypo's.

1994 at age 25 I was stressed out, depressed.  I had just switched to
Lente.  I had normal bg's at 10am and took a nap.  I awoke two hours later
to my best friend and boyfriend attempting to put OJ down my throat with a
straw.  I could hear them but couldn't see them.  I said "9----1---" they
called 911.

Later that same month I woke up in different PJ's than I went to bed with.
I had no recollection of a severe hypo. at 27mgdl. and my boyfriend helping
me change my sweaty pj's.

In 1996 I woke up one night confused and frightened.  I couldn't use my
legs.  I put my arms through a window when I tried to walk.  My BG was very
low, but I got to the OJ, glass/blood and all.  I NEVER KNEW HOW LOW I WAS.

Late 1996 I was put on Humalog.

I was doing great for a period.  My HG went from about 13 to 8.  I was
happy then it happened on memorial day 1997.  I was at a conference where I
was going to speak.  I went to bed with normal bg.  I remember being in a
fit like state.  Writhing around in my hotel room.  The wind was blowing
and I was cold.  I literally crawled (because I could not WALK) to the
reception desk at 4am in the morning and grabbed a handful of peppermint
patties and crawled back upstairs in this B&B.  I sat in a bathtub of warm
water.  It took me a long time to regain the use of my legs.

I reported it to my doctor, they were concerned.

It wasn't until November 1997 that I was scared out of my mind.  I had a
stressful day at a environmental gathering at the Sierra Club.  I went home
ate a full diner.  My sugar was normal.  I had a argument with my
boyfriend.  I went out for drinks with friends.  My friend Chad whose
brother is diabetic too, noticed I was stuttering.  I drank no alcohol.  I
turned to him and said 'Chad I am not well'.  I tested my blood I was
62mgdl.  I had a tingle in my spine, no sweating.  I drank a pint of OJ.  I
seemed to rally.  My mouth was numb though.  my neck was siezing me. We
walked with friends to the car a few blocks away.  From there it is  a

I remember trying to put words together and couldn't.  Chad got me a bottle
of OJ and slammed it down my neck.  I rallied one last time.  I was walking
and talking to my front door.  I hit pavement face down.  EMS came I had no
blood sugar reading.  What is odd is the short window that humalog is
supposed to have.  My endo now thinks I had my first diabetic seizure that

That is when I told Kaiser I was going to sue their ass if they didn't get
me on a pump.  It was a long slow process.

I get the pump and get my life back.

But then I realize Kaiser doesn't know much about pumps.  I was on my own.
I switched health plans at age 29 (now) but it was hard.  I had to
establish a new relationship with a new GP to get a referral to UCSF.  In
the meantime I had run out of pump supplies.

I went back to shots, I couldn't use the Kaiser pharmacy in the in between
time any longer.  I went back to Ultra Lente and multiple injections of
humalog.  Walking in Central Park this last July I couldn't seem to stop
tripping on my new shoes.  My right leg was rubbery.  I turned to Dan, my
boyfriend and said "Dan I am about to loose it".  I began to collapse, my
legs fell from underneath me.  But I was still talking and making sense, no
sweatiness.  My bg had been 119 two hours earlier.  I ate a carrot muffin
(70 gram CHO), I have a 10/1 ratio. I shot 7units of humalog.  I bolused
with a needle per se.  I sat with Dan on a park bench.  I was 20something
again.  I had the same seizure stuff, my jaw locked, I lost my legs.

Two weeks later after my first appointment with my GP who had never seen a
pump before, and couldn't write my prescriptions but would refer me to
UCSF.  A day later I had a long day of moving to my new home.  I went to
bed with a bg of 67.  I ate a glucose tablet, exhausted I went to sleep
stupidly.  I once again had a locking in my spine, jaw and a tremendous
headache.  I woke up to 6 paramedics over me, and a hic-cath in my neck.
They said my bg was 14.

I am sorry this is so long.  However, now that I am seeing a qualified
doctor at UCSF I am angry and very bitter.  The other day I said "Diabetes
is a human rights issue".  I meant it.  The shabby care that I HAVE BEEN
GIVEN BY KAISER all of these years has effectively damaged me.  Way damaged
me.  And I am coming back with one hell of a vengeance if not vendetta.

The insidiously negative support I got from doctors and nurses over the
years kept me away from the pump.  My kidneys are damaged as well as my
hands and sight.  I believe HMO's have a responsibility to let patients of
all creeds, race and socio-economic-geo- political backgrounds know what
treatments are available to them.

I am interested in running a bill in Congress.  The bill would be about
human (patient) rights and diabetes.



PS:  my hypo signs are;

mouth numbness
empty feeling in stomach and chest
loss of limb function


are lower arm swelling
blurred vision

ReThinking Paper,
Emily Miggins

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/