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Re: [IP] Hypo and hyper signs

                    It's me again, Stacey. I have been reading about hypo
and hyper signs and I can add that lately - I have stopped having the
"early" warning signs. Well, almost totally. My sugars can drop to 1.9
mmol/L before I feel "weird". There are other times when I will have signs
before my sugars bottom out. Before, when my sugars fall below 3.9mmol/L, I
would start to feel lightheaded, my tongue goes numb, I get the shakes,
sweat, and my eyesight will be blurry. I can act like I am drunk too. If I
am sleeping, I will wake up alert as can be and know that I need some sugar.
It can be a real scary experience. Hopefully, when I get offically hooked up
to my MM507C(Nov.5/98 is my big day) I will be able to feel the symptoms
                My endo. has changed my appointment 3 times. If it happens
again - I will find a new doctor.

Anyway, that's my words of "wisdom" for today.


SBrown wrote:

> Heck guys before this group I didn't realize people DIDN'T know they
> were going low. I get a 'dazed' feeling and my vision begins to go. Also
> I get a 'heavy' feeling in my chest. It will also wake me up out of a
> sleep. I will wake 'right' up and sit straight up then I know its a low.
> Its usually around high 70's to low 80's when I can begin to feel the
> effects...
> Scott
> Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/