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RE: [IP] Hypo and hyper signs

Bonnie....I get the tingling lips feeling when I'm really low.  It usually
doesn't appear until I'm down to the 40's.  Most of the time I can feel the
shakiness around 65 or so and usually ignore it a bit longer and then
realize that I'd better take care of it.  In 21 years of IDDM...I've only
had to have the paramedics come once and they didn't leave with me....I came
around and argued that I wasn't going anywhere <G>.   Now that I'm on the
pump...it seems that I notice the warning signs a bit earlier than in my
pre-pump days.  

Carol Wilson
Type 1 - 21+ years
Pumping since 9/22 and not wanting to visit "Low Land" again

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