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[IP] Hypo and hyper signs

Its fun to read about everyone's warning signs of oncoming lows and such.  =
Sweaty palms, shakes, irritability, etc.   After having almost no warning, =
being on the pump for two years, some of my warning signs are coming =
I get a funny tingle around my lips..???, when I get several times, I know =
I need to stop what I am doing and take care of it.  The earlier warning =
signs were shakiness inside then a hot flash, etc.   Now the really funny =
thing (to me) is when I start to go high at 180 or up, I also get a kind =
of tingle around my lips, much duller in feeing than the low tingle.   =
Course, I think all this is very interesting, and like to hear about other =
folks warnings.(I am so grateful that I have warnings and have never had =
to go the 911 route or have anyone else take care of me....)
Who else in this world would be interested in the things this group =
interested in.    THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING THERE..HERE...Whatever.=20

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