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Re: [IP] joints

Debbie and Tim Prosinski wrote:
> I saw someone talking about problems with the joints in the hands, but I didn't catch the entire
story.  For the past month, 2 of my fingers in my right hand have been getting "stuck" in a certain
position, and it takes some effort to "snap" them back into place.  

Yes, it's known as "trigger finger". Happens to diabetics more than others,
apparently because crystals form
on tendons in the knuckle joints. The tendons normally slide through tubes that
kep them from binding up, but the crystals and/or swelling from other factors
makes them too thick to slip through the tube.

This usually occurs during the night and in the early morning.  I really thought
it had something to do with carpal tunnel - this is the first I've heard of it
possibly being releated to the diabetes. 

It's like carpal tunnel in a way, too much tendon to get through an opening, but
at least it's simpler
to treat. A cortisone shot can be given into the tendon and tube to decrease
swelling and MAY relieve the
problem. If this doesn't suffice they will only do it twice over a period of
several months. After that the final treatment, if necessary, is to do a small
operation to slit the outer side of the tube and leave it open
so that there's nothing to bind up on. The tendons stay free to slide in a slot
rather than a tube, but it is a total answer to the problem. Be sure to find a
specialist practiced in hand surgery, certainly not a goo time to help an
amateur learn how.......

 I'm seeing my dr. in two weeks, so I will talk to him about it.  Please let me
know if anyone else has this problem, or knows more about it.  Thanks!

Had it once, a single shot took care of it for me. Good control helps avoid
further trouble with it.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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