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[IP] Some questions about Synthroid


For those of you using Synthroid, I've got some questions. Some background
is necessary:

In April, I was started on .05 MG Synthroid, 1 X a day. At that time my TSH
level was 12 (lab reference normal is less than 5.5). My 3T4 level was

In June, my TSH level had come down to 5.1 (within lab normal range). We
continued the .05 MG Synthroid.

Between April and June, I had to do some *major* modifications of my basal
rates, especially my overnight rates. I needed a major increase to deal
with a dawn effect. In "rough numbers", my normal basal of .2 needed to
increase to .9 during the pre dawn hours. This was almost double what it
had been prior to starting on Synthroid. (A whopper of a dawn effect). Once
the rates were hammered out, control was generally very good, with an A1c
of 6.3.

In late September, my TSH was again up to 10.x. This seemed to indicate the
middle test of 5.1 was probably just a "fluke". We increased the Synthroid
to .075 MG, 1 x day. At that time, my A1c had climbed up to 7.8, highest
since pump start 2.5 years ago.

Control is getting very elusive. Once again, there seems to be some major
mumbo jumbo hokus pokus going on with my basal rates. I may need to drop
the .2 to .1, since I'm going low and staying low. However, the overnight
stuff is looking funky, also. Sometimes high, sometimes low. I'll be
validating the overnight rates again soon.

O.K., Bob, take a breath here, the audience is tired <vbg> So, my questions

For those of you who started Synthroid while already on the pump, did you
find you needed to make a bunch of adjustments to rates and ratios as the
Synthroid "settled in"?

Do you find any correlation between your thyroid issues and overall
control? In other words, as your TSH and 3T4 levels came into normal range,
did your BGs become more manageable?

Or am I just howling at the moon?

Thanks in advance. Private responses are fine also ;-)

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

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