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[IP] iv drips

Yeah..i was diagnosed in '79 too...i sat still long enough for one person
to stick me 5 times when she decided to go for the ankle i got up and
ran!!...now days when i go to vladamir the vamp...i explain as eloquently
as sara...that i suck and roll and that i have had really bad experiences
and that my veins are really deep...and that i am a really hard draw and
that every one looks at my veins and says they are really good and then
they are terribly dissappointed...the last vlad invited me into her
chamber and decided to get "cute" and save time...(it was nearing 6 pm)
and bring another devotee into the antechamber at the same time...felt
like a whimp going thru my whole spiel with an audience ....but ya gotta
do what ya gotta do...but one tip i have learned from all my cell
donation is that the butterfly mosquito apparatus seems to work well and
generally on the first try...as always ymmv...michelle

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