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[IP] pit-less

I went to the doctor after going to vegas on the weekend for two separate
masses under each underarm that swelled to the size ...no kidding...of
golf balls...it all started when i shaved my pits in the tub to go down
to the jacuzzi at the hotel...that night they began to start swelling and
stinging...(i now joke that my pits went out in vegas and partied without
me and brought something back home to me) by the end of the weekend they
were golf ball size...i called the doc as soon as i could get thru the
exhange...read...monday morning when the doctors returned...you know the
drill...we can't page the dr unless it is an emergency..and who decides
if it is an emergency?I asked.... the answering service, of course....but
the whole reason i am calling the doc is to find out if it is really an
emergency that my armpits/ lymph nodes have swollen to the size of golf
balls and if i should  spend the $50 copay to go to the emergency
room...where they quite possibly may tell me that this was NOT an
emergency and later recieve a bill saying that the insurance does not pay
for non emergency visits to the ER....anyway i got an appt with my dr's
associate...at the appt...i told him i was diabetic...i was in pain...i
asked him to lance it ...he said no...it would only spread the
infection...he just prescribed 250 mg cephlexin (keflex) and sent me on
my way...a week later after the golf balls spewed infectious material all
over my armpits as i slept spreading the infection to new sites... i
called my wonderful endo...he ordered intermuscular antibiotics i went to
the gp to collect and she tried to give me oral antibiotics...i went back
to the endo and he telephoned her and told her I WAS GETTING THE IM
ANTIBIOTICS  and shuttled me straight to the surgeon...the surgeon
operated, not LANCED...BUT OPERATED...UNDER SEDATION...ordering the
operating room for the next day because it WAS AN EMERGENCY...so i guess
the moral to this story is trust your gut and push for the medical care
you deserve...don't leave it up to the doctors unless you know you have a
good one...like my endo..............michelle ....long standing member of
Sara's healthy distrust of doctors club...this coulda spread infection
thru my bloodstream or worse ...michelle...aka michelle the pit-less...i
am now only shadows of the pits that used to be....whoa is me....

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