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[IP] batteries, again...

Hi, it's been a while since I have said anything on the board, and I am in
an experimental process as of July on my batteries.
I put in new Batts on July 6....they wore out by July 25.  I was on my trip
at the time and the xtras that I had along had gotten mixed up with some
skinso soft (Avon) in my bag, and so I just wiped them as dry as I could and
popped them in.  They worked fine until Sept. 5.  I put the next batch in
and actually rolled them in the SSS(avon) before inserting them in MM, of
course I wipe them with a tissue first.  They are still working fine.  I
believe that this is making the batteries work longer, but am not sure why.
By the way, I have had these batteries since I got my supplies with the pump
2 years ago!  So am I really getting more life from my batteries doing this,
or is it all in my head?  I barely made it a month before, and now I get the
xtra week.

Keep on pumping! Laurie B.

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