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Re: [IP] V& H results

>  I was surprised that I had to make no adjustments to basals of
> boluses - it acted just like Humalog.  

It may seem the same, but there are subtle differences. There is a 
slightly longer tail. If you inadvertently over-bolus and expect the 
mix to wash out in a couple of hours, you will be rudely suprised by 
the resulting low as long as 3 or more hours later. In that respect, 
there are more similarities to regular. This has rarely happened to 
Lily, but when she first started on the mix it 'got' her 2 or three 
time when she over-did her dinner bolus's. In all other respects, 
basal settings, 'apparent' timing, etc... 5/1 looks, smells, walks 
like a duck (humalog). Lily tried 4/1 but the tail was too long for 
her meal digestion cycle. Bear in mind that others on the list use 
3/1, 2/1 and even 1/1. Each of these mixes is tailored to their 
particular digestion characteristics. If you suffer from 
gastroparesis, one of the 'richer' mixes may be more suitable for 
you. YMMV

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