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Re: [IP] Swimming with the Pump

> I will be going swimminga again on Sunday.. I think I will drop
> basal rate before swimming and bolus half of required amount at
> supper time..I thought perhaps if I ate at 5pm.. my bolus should
> have been used up by 8pm.. I guess I was wrong... Do you have any
> more suggestions... Pat
Sounds like you rebounded or perhaps over did the apple juice.

Based on the initial drop for 1/2 hr swimming, you should plan on 
consuming 15 grams of carb for each half hour of swimming using a 
fast acting carb. Try something intially like soda crackers. They 
work quickly but not as fast as straight glucose. Keep checking until 
you are able to stabalize your bg's during work out. When you reach 
that point, switch to something easier than crackers, like a 
powerbar 15 minutes before the swim. The carb digestion needs to 
match your work out. You will have to determine if the post swim high 
was from the low, over compensation with a-juice or a normal response 
for you. The data gathering will answer those questions.

How much carb is the 125ml of apple juice?
You should probably use glucose instead, it is faster when you are 

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