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[IP] only me...

Okay...ready for this...For those of you that know I recently (last
week) got the job in a local elementary school as a counselor.  I walked
out yesterday!!!!  The principal was a NUT!  She ripped my phone out of
the wall, tore my poster off the door, told me who I could and couldn't
talk to, WHEN I COULD EAT LUNCH!!!!  The last being in caps because that
is a ADA issue.  I hate to use my diabetes, as this disscussion has been
brought up before, BUT this woman is a NUTCASE!  We all know I have the
pump and I could skip lunch if  I wanted but it is just the whole idea
of  her...evilness (for lack of better words)!!!  My director (or use to
be) wants me to file claim with the superintendant?!?!?  My name has now
been blackballed and well...I'm rather pissed!!  I have decided to stay
out of this school system now but the whole idea that this principal is
still working in that school or any school is BEYOND me!!!!!!!  My
sugars were wack-o the whole week I suffered there.  I honestly quit the
job for my mental as well as physical health (diabetes being the main
one!)  I feel like such a failure but know I did the right thing!  What
is your consensus?  Should I file claim or let it
go?!?!                                      -Tonya D  :-)

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