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[IP] V& H results

Some time back I asked my doctor about mixing Velosulin and Humalog to to =
allow longer wear of infusion sets and to avoid site problems.  He had =
never heard of it and said he would prefer I just stuck with the Humalog, =
unless I was insistent on it.   I agreed to stay with Humalog at that =
time.  The next week I had four site problems in a row, after just two =
days wear and said to heck with it.  I got some Velosulin.  Carefully drew =
in a 5-1 mix,  or close to it.  Pulled 60 units of V into syringe and then =
filled it up with Humalog.  I can tell no difference EXCEPT.....drum roll =
please........I left my silouette in 4.5 days for the first time ever !! =
No problems at all.  I was surprised that I had to make no adjustments to =
basals of boluses - it acted just like Humalog.   I am thrilled.  It may =
not seem like much, but it is all economics with me......changing sets =
every 4.5 days instead of 2 or 3 days, will save me money!! and lordy, I =
know that all of us with diabetes have major expenses.   This is an =
expensive disease, with or without insurance.  In fact, I don't know how =
people who don't have some kind of insurance can manage. =20

Any way, I am very please about the mix results and appreciate Michaels =
good advice on this issue.  Michael, Sam, Bob, Ruth,  Randall, so many of =
you, in fact, every one on this list, contributes so much to our learning. =

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