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[IP] Swimming with the Pump

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Michael: Swam laps last nite.. first time since on the pump and this is
what happen..
Went in with readings of 7.7 (felt comfortable with that)..checked on
the half hour..reading 2.8 (took 125ml.apple jce.)..hour later reading
4.3(drank remaining 125ml. apple jce) don't care to drive this low..
anyways, check every hour after until 12mid..had a temp basal rate set
at .3 until 12 midnite.. sugar read from 10pm to 12 pm.. the following:
12.7;16.9;16.4:  at this time I took 5 units SQ...

I will be going swimminga again on Sunday.. I think I will drop basal
rate before swimming and bolus half of required amount at supper time..I
thought perhaps if I ate at 5pm.. my bolus should have been used up by
8pm.. I guess I was wrong...
Do you have any more suggestions...

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