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[IP] Gene Testing

Thanks for your help and advice on Silhouettes blocking at the site, my
husband Kevin, is going to try a different angle when inserting the next
one.  Now can anyone tell me about Gene testing to see if you may get
diabetes: My daughter is four years of age, and we would like to know if
she will, or may not become diabetic.  Diabetes does not 'run' in either
side of our families, as Kevin contracted  diabetes through taking very
large doses of Steriods as a young child as he was a very sick child. 
This is what the 'health professionals have told us'- Wheather this is
true, we would never really know.   He is now 33, and became diabetic at
12.  Could someone enlighten me on the tests, that would be carried out
for gene testing.  Many thanks.  
Hi Mary from Wellington New Zealand, another Kiwi online- Excellent!!

Wife of a diabetic
Kevin on M/Med Pump, since Nov. 1997-  Hoping to get onto Humalog very

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/