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RE: [IP] Fwd: Those high-carb fats

Timothy -

Okay, this won't be the most scientific explanation, but here goes - I asked
my specialist today about high-fat carbs.  He said that they are digested
more slowly and that is why they hit your system later.  In my case he
suggested using a square or dual wave bolus when I encounter these types of
foods (I have a MiniMed 507C).  I'm pretty sure there is a page with this
same sort of info in the ADA book/brochure on carb counting (I'll try and
find it to verify the above info).

Andry Kennedy :>)

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> This is an iteresting subject to me. I want to know how fat affects the
> sugars better. Could anyone ellaborate as to how they bolus differently
> for protiens or particularly fat?
> Tim T.
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