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[IP] Fw: Weight gain

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> From: DIANE MASSEY <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Weight gain
> Date: Wednesday, October 07, 1998 11:35 AM
> Stacy -
> You are lucky to have maintained such a good body weight, even after
> kids!  I think the weight gain or loss is based on where you came from
> before pumping.  If you ran consistently high, then tight control may
> weight gain unless you change your eating/exercise habits.  If you were
> regularly feeding lows then you may lose weight.  One of the 1st people
> spoke to about the pump said that she lost 5 lbs when she first started
> pump because she didn't have to feed lows.  She was very active and lost
> the benefit of her activity on BDI because she had to snack to keep from
> going low.  The beauty of the pump is that you don't need to have lows
> to exercise.  You can plan for the exercise by setting a temp basal and
> therefore, you don't have to eat just because you are going to exercise.
> I am also a firm believer that the more carbs a pumper eats more risk of
> gaining weight.  Insulin is the fat hormone and lots of insulin and carbs
> means possible weight gain.  Less insulin, less carbs and not feeding
> means weight loss or least maintenance.  So the weight gain issue is up
> you.  Have you read The Zone?  It is a book about restricting
> to something like 30% of your daily calories.  It was not written for
> diabetics but it addresses the fact that so many are on low fat, high
> diets and not losing weight.  Nonetheless, the philosophy in the The Zone
> seems to apply even more to diabetics.
> Lauren and I are battling about the weight gain issue.  Lauren has always
> been a carb craver.  Since the pump, she loves that she can eat a piece
> candy and cover it right then.  Her carbs were restricted before the pump
> and now she is over reacting cause she can cover carbs when and where she
> eats them.  She is growing fast and she does not have a weight prob now,
> but I think her eating habits will eventually need to change if she
> want to gain more weight.
> Worry this is so long... I seem congenitally unable to be terse.  I wrote
> this back to the mail list because I would love to hear what others say
> about carbs/insulin and about a 12 year olds eating habits and how to
> influence them.
> Good luck on the pump...I know that real pumping is coming soon for you!
> Diane Massey

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