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RE: [IP] Re: weight gain

Stacey Phillips wrote:
     <<  I have a real problem - weight gain. I will be going on the
> pump VERY soon and I am concerned about this weight gain issue. I have
> always been very cautious about my weight. I don't like putting on a few
> extra pounds. Are you guys telling me that I am going to balloon upwards
> and outwards when I start pumping?????>> 
     For what it's worth Stacey...I started pumping just a little over 2
weeks ago and I've been gradually LOSING weight.....a couple of pounds a
week.  I think it's due to the fact that I now can skip snacks that I had to
have before just to feed the insulin I had injected.  I'm eating the same
things as before but have eliminated the extra snacks.  I've only had a
couple of lows in the 2 weeks whereas before, I was having them daily and
then rebounding with highs (rollercoaster effect).  Now my BG's are pretty
much "stable" and I feel terrific!  I think a lot of people often gain in
the beginning because of the new found "freedom".  They eat foods that were
previously "forbidden" and then press those little buttons (bolus) to cover
it.  I've tried very hard to avoid that temptation so as not to gain weight
either.  Good luck and don't let it deter you from pumping!

     Carol Wilson
     Type 1 - 21+ years
     Pumping since 9/22/98 and loving it!

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