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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets

OK I am having some problems and would like some feedback..

  I am having problems with my sites. I have had to change out 3 times
in the last 2 days
First one didn't feel right and seemed not to be absorbing the insulin
the same each bolus. I decided to change out the site after only 24
hours. I figured better safe than sorry. When I changed out the site the
new one felt worse and when I began to bolus I could feel each drop. My
BG began to drop fast so I pulled that one out right then. The next one
felt ok. Seemed ok but after 48 hours it began to 'hurt' when I gave a
bolus. Then I had a BG of 124 at meal time. I bolused and ate. After
about 5 hours I was up to 225. I changed that site out and gave myself
an injection. Now I am waiting for my sugar to go back down so I can go
to sleep. Anyone have any Ideas???


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