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Re: [IP] Speech


When I was 19 and first on the pump (1985), I gave a talk about it to the
doctors and nurses at my local hospital.  No one had even heard of a pump
before (I got mine while away at university) and were very skeptical.  I
already had a bad rep as "non-compliant" since I had done a similar talk 2
years earlier about blood testing meters and how useful they were ("useless

While I felt totally intimidated, I also was very pro-pump and while none
of the doctors were very receptive, many nurses and people with diabetes
were.  As a result of the talk, 4 people went on the pump, even though they
had to drive 8 hours to get an endo and follow-up care.  I am so glad that
I didn't give in to my fears, although I was mush at the time.

I would think that you will get a much better response today, especially
since your endo sounds very supportive.

Things I would do next time:

*make an outline of what I want to say
*think up likely questions and what to answer
*take a copy of "Pumping Insulin" - validation via publication
*take a list of pump resources on the net
*think about how your life has changed, specifically a1c changes for the good
*dress for confidence, with the pump and site in an accessible location
*breathe ;')

Good luck!  I am sure you will be great.


Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted          http://www3.bc.sympatico.ca/mappa_mundi/

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