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Re: [IP] 24hr urine test (was: welcome caroline)

> Good idea!  BTW, Kayla is only 5 and has had D for 2 years in December.
> Her endo has never done a urine test.  Should he be testing her for
> protein now?
> Kasey

This is one of those debateable things.  As Renee has pointed out, catching it sooner is
always better than catching it later.  In the doctor's library at Kaiser, I glanced
through a few articles from the mid 1990s that suggested kidney damage occurs much
earlier than previously thought and if detected early can be slowed down.  On the other
hand, I'm not sure how much earlier they can actually detect it.  ACE inhibitors clearly
help reverse kidney damage but they do have side effects and I don't know how soon you
would want to start a kid on them  anyway (Renee, maybe you know more about that?).  I
know teenagers are often put on ACE inhibitors (I was in my late teens).  At any rate,
it is a pain in the next but is probably worth doing once a year.   Of course, good bg
control is going to be your best long term insurance plan.


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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/