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Re: [IP] Re: weight gain


I've had a pump for almost 18 years.  The first few years I had good control
on a pump (in college) I did gain weight -- it ranged for a period of 2-3
years from 10-25 lbs more than I weight now.  However, after my bgs had
stabilized and after I had learned to only eat when I was hungry and to skip
eating b/c I was "supposed to" I actually ended up a bit thinner than ever
before (5 lbs or so).  Now, my weight stays pretty constant.  If I eat out a
lot for a week or so, I gain some (5-10 lbs), If my blood sugars bounce
around a lot so that I am taking lots of extra insulin and eating lots of
glucose to counter the swings, I gain 5 lbs or so.  Otherwise, I pretty much
eat reasonably and stay at a reasonable weight. I could probably still stand
to loose 5-15 lbs (depending on how thin your standards are) although my
husband and doctor have both said in the last week that they could see 5,
but not any more so I think I am neither fat nor thin, just kind of in
between.   If you've been using high bg's in the past to eat more and keep
your weight down, you will gain more weight in the beginning.  Eventually
that will go away if you stay conscientious about matching food to insulin
and eating when you're hungry.  Some people actually loose weight on the
pump b/c for years they've been eating all those meal-panned  snacks and
meals and then "cheating" with those delectable additions on the side.

Good luck.


Stacey Phillips wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
>           I have a real problem - weight gain. I will be going on the
> pump VERY soon and I am concerned about this weight gain issue. I have
> always been very cautious about my weight. I don't like putting on a few
> extra pounds. Are you guys telling me that I am going to balloon upwards
> and outwards when I start pumping????? I am 5'8 and weigh 135 pounds. I
> do NOT want to go any higher. When I was "younger" I was considered
> anorexic by some people but I am not. Honest!!!! I fell down to 90 lbs
> at age 17 just before I was dx with Diabetes. Diabetes was the main
> reason for the weight loss but I was still real weight cautious. Please
> tell me that this pump won't cause a major problem with my weight. I do
> realize that just as long as you are healthy that's all that matters. I
> desperately want to have my diabetes under control and feel good but I
> want to stay the way that I am. No extra pounds -
> PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Just thought that I would share a small worry with you.
> Stacey
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/