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Re: [IP] Pre-filling Reservoir!


We fill 2 cartridges with an insulin bottle. We put one in the pump and one in
fridge. The remainder of the insulin stays in the bottle in case of needing an
injection. She uses about 1 cartridge in 2 weeks then we change to the other.
We throw out the insulin in the bottle after one month!

Hope this helps. If you needed to put a cartridge of insulin at school I would
use a fresh bottle, keep in fridge, and change it monthly if not used. If it
peters out a little -he only has to use it for a short time before going home-

I'm glad you all are doing well, I think of you often. I'm thrilled that Jason
loves his pump and does not have to endure those painful injectors anymore!!

Take care

Judy C. 

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/