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[IP] Swimming and bg's

> Michael: I was reading your response to Aileen regarding her daughter
> Erin and doing competive swimming... I don't swim competively, but I do
> swim in Lapster, which is doing laps for an hour or so..
> I will begin this fall session tomorrow and I mentioned it to my
> educator/nurse and she advised I just set a temp basal rate after the
> swim until 12pm.. lowering it to .3 units per hour... this is suppose to
> prevent low BG reading afterwards.. is she correct..or should I eat a
> snack before going swimming and disconnecting the pump.. new user
> here..(on pump now 2 weeks) and lots of questions to ask..

Based on previous responses on the list to exercise questions in 
general, I think you should approach it like setting basal rates on 
your pump. A few (not many) people get high when exercising due to 
the release of certain hormones that cause their bg's to rise. This 
is usually followed much later by lower than normal bg's. The more 
typical response is that exercise lowers bg's because you burn the 
glucose and don't then need the insulin. My educated guess based on 
experience only with my daughter, is that the response to most 
exercise will follow the same pattern to a greater or less degree 
depending on the exertion level. This assumes you are not under 
stress which tends to raise bg's. Confused??? Basically you need to 
measure bg's every 30 minutes the first few time you undertake a new 
activity or 'level' of activity to determine what energy intake or 
balancing insulin requirement will be needed in the short term. When 
you stop the activity, check 30 minutes after and every hour or two 
until you are satisfied that you will not go too low.  Swimming only 
affects Lily for a few hours after. An all weekend soccer tournament 
will cause her to be low for 12 to 24 hours. Typically she will 
reduce her days by 0.1 and her nights by as much as 0.2u/hr during 
the second tournament day and the following night. This has varied 
greatly as she has gotten older and bigger.

Ya know the saying YMMV

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