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Re: [IP] thanks Barb but more ??

> Barb wrote:
> > if excess amounts of insulin are contributing to a low BG, the excess 
> > insulin prevents the liver from releasing glucose...the insulin's job is 
> > storage of glucose...it is when the brain is not getting enough glucose 
> > that the adrenalin kicks in to tell the liver to get busy in the process of 
> > making glucose from the stored glycogen and from protein and fat 
> > storage.
> Thanks for the clarification, but I am still a little confused  If i have
> overbolused, resulting in too much insulin, my sugar level drops and my brain
> send the message to my liver to dump glycogen, if as you write, "the excess
> insulin prevents the liver from releasing glucose" how does the liver do it?
> I think I am missing a piece of this pie..

It is a counter-regulatory process.

The liver assumes that if there is lots of insulin that your body is 
making it because there is lots of sugar in you blood, thus more is 
not needed. If there is very little insulin the liver assumes that is 
because your bod is not making it because there is very little sugar 
present to metabolize.  The problem is that the liver does not see 
the sugar at all, only sees the insulin as the 'regulating' agent. 
Only in 'panic' mode does the liver get turned on to convert it's 
stored resources into glucose. This is when the brain say Oh oh, I 
have not enough glucose and releases hormones to tell the liver to 
get busy.

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