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[IP] 24hr urine test

Kasey wrote:

> So what is the procedure for collecting the 24 hour urine?  In 
> other words, what am I in for with Kayla when she needs this?

It is a PEEce of cake, heh heh.  Your doctor will write up the order, and he
or the nurse will give you a big brown milk carton-like jug in a plastic bag
that says in big red letters URINE SPECIMEN - HANDLE WITH CARE - before you
leave the office, be sure to turn the bag inside out...unless you enjoy this
type of public humilation...

Basically, all you do, is pick a day when you arent gonna be too far from
home, like a weekend.  When you wake up, pee (or "void" as they call it), as
normal, then for the next 24 hours, collect your "sugar water"  Sometimes they
will give you a plastic beaker to catch it in, sometimes not, but you can use
anything like a plastic glass, and if you are a guy and have any sense of aim,
you might just be able to just unscrew the lid of the jug and let the faucet
run, so to speak.

Anyway, you collect every drop, dump it in the jug, screw the lid on good and
keep it in the fridge (if possible) and make sure your husband knows it ISNT
lemonade!!!  I have done it at work where there isnt a fridge, becasue I
forgot on the weekend and had to bring it in on Tuesday...they sometimes put
these tablets in the jug as a preservative - when I lived in texas I only had
a dorm size fridge and they told me not to worry about it - just don't leave
it in a warm place.

The next morning, you collect the first pee of the morning, and you are done.
Bring it to the lab or doctor.  You will probably have blood taken when you
drop off the goodie bag.  A day or so later they should be able to tell you
your protein level, your creatine clearance, your serum creatine.  Ask for the
normal ranges and write them down.  If they are out of range, the doc will let
you know the next step, if they are in range, just keep them for future


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