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RE: [IP] Crimping-what of it?

Ok, I'm getting a little worried.  I was on the pump about five years ago
with the bent needle system and had constant site infections and various
site problems. Was sixteen at the time and decided returning to MDI was the
best idea at the time. About a year ago I started back on the pump this time
with Sof Sets. I have pain at the site on pretty much a regular basis. I've
always just assumed I'm more sensitive and have ignored it (I hardly ever
took injections in my stomach because I'd get shooting pains for hours, my
endo told me I was full of it). I'm wondering if I should switch to
sillouettes. Just a note, when I used bent needles I had a rough time with
Also, this past summer my bg ran at over 600 (not sure of exact number
because the meter wouldn't register it) I was having the same problem as sue
gordon i.e. bent cannula had never even pierced the skin and the pump didn't
catch it.
Caroline Laret

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> Tim -  it is really strange that you would write this today...I just had a
> really bad experience with crimping.  I had changed my site on Sunday
> morning
> and since then my bgs had been running a little high.  Then, at about 2:00
> this morning I wakened and was  thirsty and all the other things that go
> on
> with high bgs.  I tested and was up to 494!  Haven't been this high since
> I
> started pumping in February.  So, I bolused 8 units and was up again at
> 4:00
> a.m. with the same feeling --- only worse.  My bg was 549!  I immediately
> took
> a shot of insulin and changed my site.  The cannula was bent and had never
> even pierced my skin...I don't know how this didn't show up immediately.
> Anyway,  it is now 10:30 a.m. and my bgs are still in the low 200s..I
> think I
> might go home and change again!  Someone has mentioned that if it hurts
> going
> in or is uncomfortable once it is inserted, chances are there is a
> problem!  
> Good luck to you, Sue Gordon
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> I have had a couple of unusual experiences with cathiders (feel free to
> correct that spelling). One time (I am using the mini med soft sertier
> with the soft sets) I changed sites and as the evening drew on, the site
> began to hurt. It did not prevent me from bolusing, nor did my sugars
> rise, but, if I moved just right, ouweeeeeeeee! THAT HURT. About 11:00
> that evening, I could take it no more (being the sensitive 90's type of
> guy that I am). I ripped that darn thing right out. Whew! Was that a
> relief! Every thing looked OK as I examined the cathider (feel free to
> correct this spelling). However, as I took my trusty loop and examined
> it closer (printing term: loop: small magnification device; magnifies
> objects up close up to  12 times normal size). I saw that the end of the
> thing had a small chink in it. So the pain was due to the fact that
> everytime I moved it sort of cut and scratched my innards (feel free to
> correct this one too).
> Tonight was a little different (keep in mind, I am not sure this counts
> as crimping-I am assuming that the last instance was due to the fact
> that some of plastic remained lodged to the needle-but God knows). It
> just got progressively uncomfortable, why I am not sure. I pulled it out
> when I arrived home from work and found that a tiny stream of blood came
> with it. I am used to seeing a little red when you pull out, but, this
> was leakage from the site. Not real nasty and no fear of infection, but,
> the site was uncomfortable. I am guessing that I might have been close
> to a blood vessel and that was the source of irritation. Has anyone ever
> expeinced anything similar to these? I would like to hear some stories
> of some crimping as well. As far as I know It has never happened to me,
> but, I have only been pumping for about 3 months now.   :-)
> Thanks.  
> Tim T.
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